Thursday, April 24, 2014

New features and bugfixes

We've launched some new features that we're happy to announce:

1. Optimized syncing:
We are thrilled about our even more optimized sync handling in the Studio: synchronization (audio/video) of incoming signals is now even more precise. This will improve streams with i.e. multiple cameras of concerts or conferences and sports events as the delay can now be synched.

2. Trigger end event:
Let do the swap for you. You are now able to swap from one scene to another: Simply drag and drop a video file into a scene and tell the studio which scene goes live next. 

3. Lock your scene:
Now you are able to lock your scene: After finalizing your scene make a right click and lock the actual scene.

4. Set the same scene live without swapping the scene:
You are now able to set the same scene live after editing it without swaping the scene. 
Simply click on the pulsing button after editing a live scene

5. Use videos as an alpha channel
You are now able to upload videos with an alpha Channel to the Studio and use those as i.e. lower thirds. All you need to do is to create a video with a vp6 codec and to activate "embed alpha channel" before exporting your video to your favored video compositing software - like Adobe After Effects or Shake. 

6. New slider on start page
We integrated a slider on our front page which will announce new features and news related to

Bug fixes in the library:
- An uploaded file needs to be deleted twice in order to get recognized by the system
- Disappearing single folder: In some cases you were able to provoke a really strange behavior, which lead a single folder to disappear. 
- Optimized drag and drop handling within the library

Other bug fixes:
- Optimized display of remaining time for on demand videos: We had a bug which leaded the preview player to display the duration with a minus (0-1:00).
- Mouse cursor sticked over scene object: In some cases the mouse cursor was attached to scene objects and you weren’t able to release the mouse from it. 
- Scene object preview did not re-set: After deleting all layers within a scene the preview of the last selected object was still visible within the preview player. 

This list as well as all previous deployments can be viewed in our Changelog as well.


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