Saturday, May 19, 2012

iPhone App for Launched! has just launched a free iPhone app that allows you to broadcast live video from your iPhone seamlessly to the studio.

With the iPhone app you can customize your broadcast settings and video quality, thus ensuring that your live broadcast goes off smoothly. You can sign into your account from the app.

Simply select the Studio you wish to broadcast into, along with the quality and resolution of your video. The better your available bandwidth, the higher you can raise the quality.

When you press “Stream to Studio”, the app will connect to the Studio and begin to stream live, on the air. If you do not wish to go live right away, simply uncheck the box marked “Live” next to the “Stream to Studio” button.

Please note: The iPhone player is designed so that once you start broadcasting you need to hold your phone horizontally.

When logged into the Studio you will see the video feed from your app in the “Inputs” section on the top of your Studio page. Use the iPhone video stream like you’d use any other video stream in the Studio. The stream can be edited together with other incoming live streams from various devices.

The iPhone app debuted at the MLOVE ConFestival in April with a video demonstration by the team. Using the iPhone app, got on the MLOVE stage and filmed a cooking demonstration using the iPhone for the close-ups. The team edited the live footage from the iPhone together with a live broadcast from the cameras, which were already streaming into the Studio.

The MLOVEConFestival was held Monterey, CA and featured three days of discussions and lectures from the leading minds in mobile technology and the event was broadcast live on the MLOVE website.
You can find the app on the iTunes store and in the Android marketplace

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