Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Current Updates to the Studio and Player

Greetings from Venice Beach, California!

Right now part of the team is working from its office in sunny Los Angeles. Last month we went to SXSW in Austin, Texas, and man oh man, was that a blast.

Even though we’ve been going to SXSW parties and hitting up the beach we’ve also been working hard at updating

We continue to push forward our live broadcasting technology to give you the best live streaming experience around.

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions in our forums. We read and make improvements based on your suggestions. Here are just a few of things we’ve improved within the Player recently:

- Our network's handling of live streams has become more reliable and failsafe.

- The playback of recorded shows and seeking in videos will now be faster.

- We have fixed a few bugs in the issues of the playlist playback. For example, in some cases the audio playback of playlist items was unreliable. We have now corrected this.

- We have also improved the overall playback of archived videos in the Player. For example, if a viewer's internet connection is dropped and then re-established the video they were watching will pick up where it left off.

We have been fixing various bugs and making improvements to the Studio as well:

- We improved our bandwidth-management in the Studio and the Player for items that are either audio-only or video-only. This reduces the chances of broadcasting excess data as well as improving the quality of the stream for people with slower bandwidth.

- We’ve improved the reliability of reconnecting inputs in the scenes windows if the connection is lost and then resumes.

- We have improved scene-loading time.

- We fixed a bug that had library images and objects turn into text in the Studio.

- Sometimes edits on a text object in the library did not save. Now they do.

- We've improved the overall consistency and usability of the Media Library. In some cases previously deleted items were still visible and editable in the editor window. This has now been fixed.

- We improved the behavior of stream instances in the scene slots, if the aspect ratio of the input source changes.

- And we have also done an overall improvement of the source reconnect logic within the Studio and the Player. For example, keeping the volume settings consistent if a source is dropped and then reconnected.

The summer will be busy for Right now we are gearing up to attend the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, then off to the DEMO Conference in San Jose, CA, the mLove ConFestival in Monterey, CA. Early June we will be at the BlogWorld Expo in New York.

We are creating exciting new partnerships and will be presenting those soon as well.

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Until next time,

The team