Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New feature: Channel playlists

Channel Playlists
Now we finally have it! The feature of is now extended by Channel playlists.With this new feature you can bring the shows of your channel into an individual order and let them go live in that order. For setup, see the configuration section (Configure tab) of your channels, the new option "Channel Playlist".

New dialog box to set up channel 
playlists, which then can be 
used anywhere.
In the new dialog window, you have all your channel shows (including disabled shows) available and they can be compiled to a playlist by drag and drop. In addition to the name and description, the start time of the playlist can be set so that your program will start at a specific date and time. In addition, the loop mode can be activated. This repeats the play list again and again as soon as the last show was played in the list.

If you enable the channel playlist (radio button "active playlist"), this playlist behaves as if it was a live show. Therefore, it will be automatically shown in all embed players (for example on your website, facebook or your web-blog) if the player embeds are configured to also show live shows. A "real" live show can of course still be broadcasted over this channel. This is prioritized. Once the 'real' live show is over, the player will return to the playlist. Through a further opening of the Channel-Channel dialog, the newly produced show, or a newly uploaded video to the existing playlist can be inserted. An update of the playlist is automatically updated in all players - even without a reload of the player. This way your new show - or your new advertising block in your play list - is integrated everywhere, where you embedded the player of your channel.

Embed Player with
 ongoing playlist
 The new playlist feature is a great way to easily broadcast your own Company TV, Music or TV News TV 24 hours a day at a low price. Broadcasting of the shows in the playlist is synchronized for all viewers. This way, the use of chats, which is integrated in the player, may be an interesting option, with which the audience can engage and talk about the content that is broadcast LIVE.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


global audio
on video inputs
The Audio is a major part in the perception of TV content. This is equally true for traditional TV- and movie contents as well as for internet formats. For this reason always made a point of keeping the audio control as simple and intuitive as possible. The following video gives a better introduction to the different functions of the audio channels.

If you are going live with a scene that isn’t receiving your input, like Scene 1.2 in the Video (which only shows a picture) your audio signal will no longer be broadcasted. At the same time, the red button in your Input panel turns gray. If you still want to broadcast your audio signal, even though your video signal is currently not in the picture, you need to activate the Global Mode in your Input above. Then the button will turn red again and your audio signal will constantly be broadcasted whether you are in the picture or not. Try it out!