Thursday, March 10, 2011

new advanced encoding settings in the studio

advanced settings
 in the studio

Since the last plattform update in february the studio supports advanced settings for video- & audio-inputs. A klick on the advanced settings button opens a new dialog window. Here you can change the resolution, the framerate and the datarate of your input device individually. Furthermore the audio sample rate can be selected.
 selection area for bandwidth, resolution, framerate and audio-samplerate

The given settings concern only to the video- & audio input coming from the browser ( Studio / adobe flash plug-in). Other ways for inputs, like a H.264 input via flash live encoder (FME) or telestream wirecast, can still be broadcasted from the specific encoders directly into the studio.


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Pdf editor said...

Nice update! I see it's getting better and better through years. I wonder what will the studio be like in 2012?

Brenda Jaudon said...

Tv studio always has it's precedence for their coding strategy and make it an extaravagent for the users as well as known for thier innovations.

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