Friday, October 29, 2010 mobile broadcaster for Android smart phones mobile broadcaster on a HTC Desire
Android smart phone

Starting today, Version 1.02 of our mobile broadcaster for Android smart phones is available for free in the android market. The mobile broadcaster enables you to send live-streams from your mobile phone to the studio as a video input or even as a live show "ON AIR".

After log-in, a well arranged menue is at the users disposal. Adjustments like bandwidth, framerate, etc can be made. Additionally, whitelabel customers can choose, which channel shall be used for broadcasting. Another flag, "live" yes of no, decides if your signal is immediately broadcasted or if the stream is only broadcasted to the studio for a decentralized production.

If you choose the "LIVE"-option you can give your show a name and a short description and then it's show time - your live. The live signal from your mobile can now be seen on the Channel at as well as on all embed players (Facebook, Myspace, Blog, etc...). If you have chosen the option "record show", an archive of your show is available shortly after the end of your show.

broadcasting via
an Android smart phone
the menu for
encoding adjustments
Without the live flag or during a running live show the transmitted live signal of your mobile is immediately available at the usable inputs in your studio and can be used like any other video source, e.g. for a picture in picture composition of studio image and on site reporter.

Another great feature of the mobile broadcaster is that even during live broadcasting you can still make phone calls. This was, the producer in the studio can give directions to his mobile camera man, which motives should be captured.