Monday, August 23, 2010 on your mobile - possible with Android 2.2

Adobe-flash-player 10.1 for Android enables
playback on a standard HTC-Desire-browser
For about a month now the new Android 2.2 operating system has been available. A number of mobile manufacturers have issued software updates for their phones. The good news for is the highly anticipated Adobe Flash 10.1 support. Every live-show and every archive can now be played in the browser of your Android phone. No further application or software installation is necessary. The performance - we tested on a HTC-Desire - is amazing. A simple double click on the Player centers a screen filling version of the player. By clicking on the full screen button the player starts in a special mobile-full screen-mode, which has an even higher performance, since the rest of the website doesn't slow down the performance of the (partly still slightly weak) mobile processors. In our tests, the videos were played fluently.

The viewing of shows on your computer, your TV or even your mobile phone has been further facilitated, regardless to your location and without the installation of additional software! Not only the player, even the studio can now be started on an Android phone. Even a mobile live production, controlled via your mobile phone, is now possible!