Friday, March 19, 2010 live encoder

We now offer an alternative to expensive hardware and software encoding systems to send your video and audio signals to the live broadcasting network: the "live encoder". The "live encoder" can be started in the browser of all common operating systems (Windows, MAC OS, Linux) and offers individual adjustable settings for the resolution, frame rate, data rate as well as the sound quality of your transmitted signal. You can immediatly control your settings in the preview monitor. As soon as your satisfied with your settings, the encoded signal is transmitted into the live network by pressing the "stream to studio" button. This stream can now be published via the studio or the new "simple show control".

Our new encoder can also be started on mobile devices that support flash 10.1 -like Googles "Nexus One" Android mobile- offering the possibility for a live broadcast from almost everywhere. For the link to the live encoder see "encoding tools" on your channel page.

Broadcasting via the player

Our last update made it possible for you as the owner or crew member of a channel to start a live broadcast via the player. This new function is accessible from your channel page (e.g.: or immediately from the player embedded in your website or your blog.

It's rather simple to produce a live show this way. Just press the red "send button" located next to the chat-icon in the player. Select your camera and your microphone, choose a name for the show and click on "start show" and you're on the air.

During your show your player gives information about the number of viewers and the length of the show. By opening the chat window, you can communicate with your audience. To stop broadcasting, just press the "stop show" button. It's as easy as that ;)

To start broadcasting via your website or your blog, please log in to the player using your account (email and password). After you're successfully logged in, the red "send button" appears in the player and you can start broadcasting by a simple mouse click.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


You already have a video mixer at your disposal and you are just looking for a way to broadcast your completed signal live in the internet? In this case the " simple-show-control" is just the right thing for you. This new tool provides a "light" version of our studio but still includes all the necessary broadcast-control-tools. Each stream, that you broadcast into the live-network, can be selected in this clearly arranged tool. After choosing your signal you still have to select the aspect-ratio (4:3, 16:9 or 16:10) and the display mode fit or fill and your done! You can start broadcasting after this selection. You can start broadcasting and/or recording using the "start show" button.

The preview section provides a live control of the state of your show and your current broadcasting scene. In the lower part of the show control window you can find information about the number of viewers and the duration of your show as well as the amount broadcasting minutes of your channel that you've already used.

For specific setups the " simple-show-control" offers a perfect, resource-saving alternative to the studio. Needless to say that you can additionally start the studio within a running show for the realization or preparation of a more difficult set up like scene within a scene transmission. All tools are automatically synchronized with each other offering the possibility of a decentralized production from different locations.

March update: New tools on – Some simplifications in the usability: live encoder, simple-show-control and broadcasting via the player

The spring update is finally online, a fresh start into the new season. We proudly present three new tools that will assist you in producing live shows on using a simplified workflow. With our three new tools the “ live-encoder”, the “simple-show-control” and the possibility to start a new live show immediately via the player, we provide you with custom made tools for an even faster and straightforward way of producing live content on


You’re a professional producer and you just want to publish an already completely produced signal online?

In that case our supported encoders (Adobe FME, Wirecast or Dicas Hardware Encoder) in combination with the simple-show-control are just the right thing for you. For specific tasks and setups the simple-show-control offers a resource-saving alternative to the studio. live-encoder

You simply want to broadcast via your mobile phone or netbook without further ado – but you do have exact ideas and requirements to your stream?

Go ahead and have a look at the new live-encoder. You will realize, that fits your personal requirements. Even mobile devices that support flash 10.1 – like Googles Android mobile phone Nexus One – can start the encoder, allowing you broadcast from almost everywhere. You can find the link for the live-encoder on your channel page if you look at “encoding tools”.

Broadcasting via the player

You just want to get your show on the air as fast and uncomplicated as possible? You now have the possibility to start a live transmission using only the player. To start the broadcasting via your website or blog, please log in the Player embedded in your site using your account (email and password). After your successful log-in the red send button appears in the player and you can start broadcasting with a simple mouse click. It’s as easy as that.

Of course you may as well use all tools in combination with each other or with the studio. You decide which tool suits your purpose best. Give it a try!