Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New make.tv Conference-Tool

Broadcasting your conference has never been easier! 

Conference website of the
photokina trade fare 2010
Just recently our new make.tv conference-service became available. This service, that was initially reserved for specific customers is now available for all make.tv user! This new function enables whitelable customers to converge different channels and present these in an individual design on a specific micro site that is adjusted to the requirements of congresses and conferences.

Select different views via tabs,
search and set filters!

"Which talk is given where and at what time?" - "You’re late – the talk just finished or is taking place at the same time as another interesting talk..." Everybody is familiar with these problems. The make.tv conference-tool helps you solve these problems! No more searching for content – everything is clear at the first glance and immediately accessible, live during the event as well as afterward on demand.

Twitter feed inclusive!
Within the conference-micro site you can search for content, speakers and tags. The search results are displayed immediately. In addition an individual adjustable Twitter-feed keeps you up to date, what the users out there are saying about your event. But the really special thing about the new tool is that your conference site is automatically filled with content simply by producing shows with  make.tv or uploading content. A real bonus for every conference or trade fair!

For more information or if you are interested in an implemantation for your account, your website or as a projection in the lobby of your event? Please contact us!


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