Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Talk-Back - adress your viewers!

New TALK-Back function in the Studio
The new Studio version 1.4.7 enables you to address your viewers directly via the new function TALK-Back. And instead of using a text chat you can simply use an audio signal. You can address the viewer that want to connect to your show easily by pressing the TALK-button in your studio. You can find this button, if you click on a participant of your show in the viewer list of your chat.

List of viewers in the Studio
Pressing the TALK-button opens a message in the private studio chat of your viewers player "Incoming voice message from the stage direction", the audio signal of the show is turned down and and simultaneously the viewer hears your message via the connected speakers. This feature is especially useful, if you already have the signal of the connected viewer in your studio and you simply want to adjust the video and audio signals. You can hear the viewer and vice versa even if the viewer is not live in the show yet.
Everything is easier if you can communicate directly and you don't have to type every instruction in the chat. The new TALK-Back function not only works in connection to a player (user invite) but you can also communicate between all all opened studios. Just click on the small "T" symbol in one of your inputs and the respective crew member can hear you.

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