Tuesday, March 16, 2010


You already have a video mixer at your disposal and you are just looking for a way to broadcast your completed signal live in the internet? In this case the "make.tv simple-show-control" is just the right thing for you. This new tool provides a "light" version of our studio but still includes all the necessary broadcast-control-tools. Each stream, that you broadcast into the make.tv live-network, can be selected in this clearly arranged tool. After choosing your signal you still have to select the aspect-ratio (4:3, 16:9 or 16:10) and the display mode fit or fill and your done! You can start broadcasting after this selection. You can start broadcasting and/or recording using the "start show" button.

The preview section provides a live control of the state of your show and your current broadcasting scene. In the lower part of the show control window you can find information about the number of viewers and the duration of your show as well as the amount broadcasting minutes of your channel that you've already used.

For specific setups the "make.tv simple-show-control" offers a perfect, resource-saving alternative to the make.tv studio. Needless to say that you can additionally start the make.tv studio within a running show for the realization or preparation of a more difficult set up like scene within a scene transmission. All make.tv tools are automatically synchronized with each other offering the possibility of a decentralized production from different locations.


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