Friday, March 19, 2010 live encoder

We now offer an alternative to expensive hardware and software encoding systems to send your video and audio signals to the live broadcasting network: the "live encoder". The "live encoder" can be started in the browser of all common operating systems (Windows, MAC OS, Linux) and offers individual adjustable settings for the resolution, frame rate, data rate as well as the sound quality of your transmitted signal. You can immediatly control your settings in the preview monitor. As soon as your satisfied with your settings, the encoded signal is transmitted into the live network by pressing the "stream to studio" button. This stream can now be published via the studio or the new "simple show control".

Our new encoder can also be started on mobile devices that support flash 10.1 -like Googles "Nexus One" Android mobile- offering the possibility for a live broadcast from almost everywhere. For the link to the live encoder see "encoding tools" on your channel page.


Eva Underson said...

I came across this post one year ago. So what's up? Any news and updates on the issue? "live encoder" can be started in the browser of all common operating systems (Windows, MAC OS, Linux), what about mobile version? Is it currently available? But anyway, you guys did a great job. This is excellent experience and useful service online.

Mario Popescu said...

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