Friday, March 19, 2010

Broadcasting via the player

Our last update made it possible for you as the owner or crew member of a channel to start a live broadcast via the player. This new function is accessible from your channel page (e.g.: or immediately from the player embedded in your website or your blog.

It's rather simple to produce a live show this way. Just press the red "send button" located next to the chat-icon in the player. Select your camera and your microphone, choose a name for the show and click on "start show" and you're on the air.

During your show your player gives information about the number of viewers and the length of the show. By opening the chat window, you can communicate with your audience. To stop broadcasting, just press the "stop show" button. It's as easy as that ;)

To start broadcasting via your website or your blog, please log in to the player using your account (email and password). After you're successfully logged in, the red "send button" appears in the player and you can start broadcasting by a simple mouse click.

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