Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New make.tv Selector Product Unveiled at the Famous YouTube Space LA

Last month, more than 800 content creators, media and film students gathered with us at YouTube Space LA to learn more about make.tv Studio, as well as receive a sneak peek of our new make.tv Selector product. We were very excited to showcase the make.tv products at YouTube Space LA because it is the official home of content creation. And today, the opportunity for content creators to reach new audiences has never been greater. This is why we introduced make.tv Studio – to make it easier for content creators to produce live video content in the Cloud as a team working from different locations, to enrich their content and better engage with their audiences.

Along with showcasing make.tv Studio, we also introduced our make.tv Selector, a new product that allows content creators to have unlimited live video inputs so that they can select from hundreds of videos at a time and define these at outputs to be used in the make.tv Studio or transmitted via SDI to be used in another editing Studio. Additionally, the incoming streams can be filtered by using metadata, making it easier to curate content! The make.tv Selector offers individual creators, broadcasters and media companies the ability to acquire crowd live feeds at a scale that’s never done before!

Throughout the Happy Hour, current and future content creators sipped on refreshing drinks while talking about what type of new projects they planned on producing with the new make.tv Selector.  Everyone at the event also received a free one month Gold subscription to the make.tv Studio!

We had a great time talking to everyone about our exciting new product that allows people to collaborate no matter where they are!  We even had students from our partner Los Angeles Film School, attend the event to assist with the demo of our product. 
A big thank you to everyone who came out to support us at the event! The make.tv Selector will officially launch in April at NAB show in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more details!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet us at IBC show in Amsterdam!

Visit us at Europe's largest professional broadcast show from 12 - 16 September 2014 at RAI, Amsterdam.

IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) is attracting 50,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries. make.tv will be showcasing it's newest releases at the make.tv booth together with our partners Wellen+Nöthen / QvestMedia at Hall 3, Stand B40

In order to schedule a meeting, please contact us at partner [at] make.tv.

Free IBC tickets
Get your free IBC ticket for the entire show through our partners Wellen+Nöthen: Use their ticket code 6475 during your online registration at the IBC website.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New features and bugfixes

We've launched some new features that we're happy to announce:

1. Optimized syncing:
We are thrilled about our even more optimized sync handling in the make.tv Studio: synchronization (audio/video) of incoming signals is now even more precise. This will improve streams with i.e. multiple cameras of concerts or conferences and sports events as the delay can now be synched.

2. Trigger end event:
Let make.tv do the swap for you. You are now able to swap from one scene to another: Simply drag and drop a video file into a scene and tell the studio which scene goes live next. 

3. Lock your scene:
Now you are able to lock your scene: After finalizing your scene make a right click and lock the actual scene.

4. Set the same scene live without swapping the scene:
You are now able to set the same scene live after editing it without swaping the scene. 
Simply click on the pulsing button after editing a live scene

5. Use videos as an alpha channel
You are now able to upload videos with an alpha Channel to the make.tv Studio and use those as i.e. lower thirds. All you need to do is to create a video with a vp6 codec and to activate "embed alpha channel" before exporting your video to your favored video compositing software - like Adobe After Effects or Shake. 

6. New slider on make.tv start page
We integrated a slider on our front page which will announce new features and news related to make.tv.

Bug fixes in the library:
- An uploaded file needs to be deleted twice in order to get recognized by the system
- Disappearing single folder: In some cases you were able to provoke a really strange behavior, which lead a single folder to disappear. 
- Optimized drag and drop handling within the library

Other bug fixes:
- Optimized display of remaining time for on demand videos: We had a bug which leaded the preview player to display the duration with a minus (0-1:00).
- Mouse cursor sticked over scene object: In some cases the mouse cursor was attached to scene objects and you weren’t able to release the mouse from it. 
- Scene object preview did not re-set: After deleting all layers within a scene the preview of the last selected object was still visible within the preview player. 

This list as well as all previous deployments can be viewed in our Changelog as well.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Deployment of new features and bugfixes today


We have successfully completed a technical deployment today including some improvements in our Studio, Player and on our website, as well as a collection of bug fixes detailed below:

- Our video uploader got optimized:
    - You now find more information (size and remaining time)
    - The success message after an upload was made contains more information

- Our “Input Streams” Configurator was optimized
    - now you can use the "skip" key within the Configurator
    - in some cases the input fields within the “Input Stream” configuration overlay didn’t work with the Firefox browser - that's fixed now
    - a bug was fixed which occurred in some cases in Safari while saving cookies

- We fixed two bugs that appeared in the Player sometimes:
- In some cases you weren’t able to play a sound in our player, when someone was invited into a studio
- disappearing inputs (this happened very rarely and only with really long shows)

- Our studio has a new flatted design now. This change leads to a better performance of our Studio.
- New full screen mode for selected scenes: Now you are able to open the content of a selected scene in an external player. This means, now you can watch the selected scene in full screen. This feature can be helpful for many use cases, for instance to comment on a selected scene. To use this awesome new feature go into the scene, which you want to see in full screen and right-click your mouse. Now click on “Copy Scene-Player-URL”. By pasting this URL into a new browser window the selected scene will appear in our new scene player, which can be switched into full screen.
- We have enriched our “Add Input” overlay screen with more visuals, manuals and content:
  - Camera
  - IP Cam
  - Webcam
  - Mobile
  - Team Member
  - Viewer Invite
To use this feature open the studio and click on the “Add Input” button.
- There was a bug where in some cases the mouse pointer disappeared after clicking on the “Add Input” button. This is also fixed now.

This list as well as all previous deployments can be viewed in our Changelog as well.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LiveU and make.tv partnered up

We're happy to announce our partnership with LiveU, the pioneer of broadcast-quality, video-over-cellular solutions that allow live video transmission (HD and SD) from any location around the world.

We're working on a direct access to LiveU feeds as part of the make.tv production technology. LiveU's
live HD video feeds will be transmitted directly to the make.tv Studio where the stream can then be mixed with other incoming live streams and enriched with built-in designs, effects, interactive functionalities and uploaded media. The final live stream (or “line cut”) can be broadcast live to any RTMP-capable streaming server or destination, for example YouTube Live, Ustream or CDNs, including Akamai or Limelight. This will provide a new level of flexibility for innovative production setups, especially formats like breaking news or sports events where multiple cameras are in use. For now, you can find a complete guide on how you can already use LiveU's products – be that backpack, belt-clip, smartphone-app or software-based – together with the make.tv Studio. Read more on eg Streaming Media, IPTV News, or  4rfv who reported about our partnership today.

Stay tuned for more partnerships in this direction which we will be announcing soon.

As some of you may have noticed, we have deployed some improvements last week on make.tv:
- We optimized for HLS which means you can now watch make.tv on even more Android devices.
- You now can use the RTSP protocol (as well as RTMP) and therefore use inputs from IP-Cams for instance
- We've set the default archive resolution from 480p to 720p

You can find info on our bug fixes in our change log.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Join us at IBC in Amsterdam

Have you planned a visit to IBC2013 in Amsterdam? If so, meet us in Hall 3, stand 3.B40 at Europe's largest professional broadcast show from 13 - 17 September. We'll be exhibiting right next to our partner Wellen+Nöthen and will demonstrate our newest features in different setups every full hour.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

make.tv Releases RTMP-Re-Broadcasting to YouTube Live

Let your make.tv channel go live on other destinations and streaming servers.

What some may have heard already - we’ve launched Re-Broadcasting to live destination sites such as YouTube Live.

With the release of our Live RTMP-Re-Broadcast functionality you can now send a live stream that’s produced with the make.tv Studio to any destinations you choose. You can finally stream not only to the embedded make.tv player on e.g. all kinds of websites, Facebook pages, TVs and mobile devices, but also Re-Broadcast live to destination sites like UstreamYouTube Live or DaCast.

You can also Re-Broadcast to third party streaming servers and Content Delivery Networks such as AkamaiLimelight or Level3. With RTMP-Re-Broadcasting you are able stream your show to any RTMP capable live streaming provider, server or service. Simply activate "RTMP-Re-Broadcasting" in your channel settings and insert the "Streaming URL" and "Stream Name". Now, any live show you produce in this channel will be pushed to the entered streaming service.

You can find some examples of destination sites that enable RTMP push on our website. Click on any of these sites and it will show you a guide with screenshots on where you insert the streaming URL etc. in order to push to these sites. These are just examples. This will also work with any other site that is RTMP capable.

For more detailed information on what has changed and what is new, visit the changelog here.